Top Paddock


Black without, light and airy within, Top Paddock is a former car park reborn as a dapper Jetsons-era cantina that looks right at home among its fancy-pants neighbours at the furniture showroom end of Church Street.

Those who’ve dined – or queued – at parent café Two Birds will notice the family resemblances. The prolific use of timber. The white tiling. The grab-bag of seating options ranging from booths to communal tables to stools at the counter: ideal for those hoping to get within stroking distance of one of Top Paddock’s two Synesso coffee-making machines. Even more impressive is the flurry of barista activity taking place behind the white powder-coated behemoth. Those thousand coffees a day – made with a Five Senses house blend, or one of four single origins – aren’t going to make themselves, you know.

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